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A Personal Perspective On African American History

WHEN_WE_WERE_Black, LLC. brings new insight on Black history in our book WHEN WE WERE BLACK by Blakk Jack Samm. Based near San Francisco, California, we present the author's book in an effort to illustrate the Black experience to Black Americans, African Americans, other citizens and people worldwide. This is not the only pioneer's path into Black history but a journey nonetheless empowering those having no voice in this society nor any other.


The Black Experience

We were pioneers of blackness blazing a totally new trail from the life of "colored" or the "negro". Based on the life of Blakk Jack Samm, WHEN WE WERE BLACK is an educational teaching tool, historical, political, and poetic in its exploration of the black experience throughout the American history. Drawing from his own experience, the author created this book as a sociological, ethical, political, anthropological, and psychological tool to teach future generations about the Black experience in America. It also reveals how some are actually Black in addition to Native American Indian, the Black Indian.

An Inspirational Journey

When visiting one of his daughters, author and poet Blakk Jack Samm had a conversation with this daughter explaining Black ancestry. She expressed how her daughter did not wish to be considered a color, like black.  This was insulting because anyone who was involved with the black movement knows that it was never about being a color. It was a movement. Struck by her statement, Blakk Jack Samm felt that he had made an error with his children by not impressing upon them what it meant to be black. As he talked with more people his age, he realized that many of them were having the same feelings. He believes that younger people do not understand what it means to be black, so he wrote this book to tell the story of his personal journey. It is not the journey of all; yet, it was an important story in our history in America. Although, not just U.S. history but how this movement affected the world and how people looked at Black people worldwide.

Finding a Voice

Sadly, a lot of people do not fully understand black history. Many have been indoctrinated and mis-educated into believing a history that is just not true. Most of world history is written by the conquerors, not the slaves in society. The murder today symbolically depicts the lynchings of history past in the U.S. By representing people like himself who do not always have a voice, Blakk Jack Samm tells a story that is an integral part of American history, world history. Our book illustrates that in order for people to understand the black experience, there will need to be more knowledge of Black people across the board, therein a breaking of the hatred cycle between races. Our book examines the view that when black people are able to understand each other, band together, the less they will need help from other races. It is the hope that we can get a voice in the United Nations in order to express the need for better human rights in this country. The attainment of the better human rights would make a better place for all.

Ordering Information

WHEN WE WERE BLACK is available from, Barnes and Noble books or AuthorHouse Publishing. It is available in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats. We hope that this compelling history book will have an international presence. Many black people as well as others abroad have a distorted perspective of life in the US, yet we want them to learn the true stories of the Black experience.