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Serious Face of Man

About Us ...

Born and raised in the ghetto; yet, educated to escape the "projects". Although, to go where. Look at what they have done to my childhood neighborhoods and memories of days gone by.

About Us...

We are from the projects of Hunter's Point. When we came along there was no YMCA like today in the neighborhood. In the original projects there were no bath tubs because originally they were Navy barracks with single showers. Now they build townhomes where many who grew up here can no longer live in the same neighborhood.  This ... where there were Black Panthers, Black Muslims, riots on Third Street. The neighborhoods are being chopped up, JIM CROW style, redistributed to others who will live here. Even in the surrounding Bay View area it is being chopped up and homes being sold to others who are from various far away places. The book is a hope to bring about some change while people who have lived here are still alive. Black boys are being shot on the street in broad daylight "lynching style". Yet, this is nothing new. Why? WHEN WE WERE BLACK can bring about change? We will see. Our cultures are being destroyed as we speak. The foods, styles, memories that could be cherished and past on to future generations. Where are our buildings that could/should be preserved for future grandchildren's grandchildren. Our children's children deserve to know our heritage and culture.


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