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The Unicorn along with BLAKK JACK SAMM hopes to publish the next book, next year.



written: Monday, August 29th, 2016 1:01:01 PM PST

My next book will be a book of poems

I am a poet

the poetry flows through me

I have been a poet since I was a teenager

Poetry is an art form

poetry is the freedom of expression

poetry is communication

it is said that poets are not made

that poets are born

it is the greatest feeling unexplainable

the wordsmith or booksmith

taking words, phrases, sentences

that no one has done before

putting them together into thoughts,

meanings or phrases

that no one has thought of

so ... this is what I do

I am a poet or wordsmith

the maker of sentences, paragraphs

I write

books of prose or poetry

of feelings, emotions or thoughts

that no one else has done before

the Unicorn

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