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Our Vision

Our vision is unity through freedom of speech. The goal is to stop the apathy through truth of the factual evidence. Apathy is killing our neighborhoods as well as people. Why don't these young people care about Black History when there were generations past so willing to die for it. One month out of the year is not teaching Black history. One goal is to get past all of the things that tend to separate us. There can be no infighting if we would be united. Gender is important but is it more important than the human rights that we do not have. Can we still be stuck on color? Who is darker, as opposed to lighter are former slave plantation arguments 400 years ago. We come from a generation who could not have envisioned a black person swimming in the Olympics let alone getting a gold medal. So, who says that we cannot go to the United Nations and ask for human rights?

Our agenda is Unification. If our people do not unify and come together as one there will be no Blacks eventually. There have been factions of Blacks united like the NAACP, the Black Panthers, Blacks Muslims amoung others, yet, never in totality. Although, government agencies like the FBI as well as miscelleaneous task forces were put together to either infiltrate or eliminate them. So, we are looking for UNIFICATION. The saying that Black lives matter is not new, it was alive in the 1970's, when we considered ourselves a beautiful people, man, woman and child.

We are accepting donations for our cause WHEN WE WERE BLACK, there are campaigns in Etsy, Kickstarter as well as CROWDFUNDING. Unifying will begin with education through this book nationally, globally. It is our hope to get the book taught in public and/or privates schools in its form or a revised format. We are also interested in sending a group of individuals to the United Nations to petition for human rights for Black people.